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"A crazy idea...that seemed less crazy as time went on."

Many of us have vivid memories of activities we've done with loved ones through our early years. Some of my favorite memories growing up are playing mini golf with my family. My Grandma Keeler always had her go-to activities when "the boys" came to visit her in Souderton, Pennsylvania. Our favorite? A trip to Freddy Hill Farm where Grandma, who clearly lacked some mini golf skills, enjoyed taking her grandsons out for some mini golf and ice cream. It's what I remember most about her. While she was completely out of her element playing mini golf, she somehow was totally within her element as a Grandma, observing (and corralling) her grandsons through a round of mini golf, and the inevitable spilled ice cream cone.

Fast forward 20 years, to Holmes County, Ohio. Working in Holmes County, I quickly realized that it's a special place. There is a reason millions of people come to visit every year. The people, the scenery, and the pace of life somehow make everything else going on in the world but a blur. I've attended many tourism meetings over the years, and the one consistent missing piece visitors to the area would bring up is a lack of family-friendly activities in the evening.

Thus, the birth of Country Acres Mini Golf. It started as a crazy idea, that seemed less crazy as time went on. Our mission is to provide a high-quality, family-friendly experience for visitors and locals. The same memories that I had with my Grandma Keeler, we want to recreate for the next generation. In a world of screens and virtual reality, we are creating a wholesome, affordable outdoor activity families can enjoy. 

The Keeler Family, along with our business partners, is excited to welcome you to our business in the summer of 2021. We believe this will be an asset for the community, adding to the long list of reasons people enjoy visiting and living in Holmes County.

-The Keeler Family

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